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St. Johns Bankruptcy Attorneys | Debt Relief

St. Johns bankruptcy attorneysHave you been considering filing for bankruptcy in St. Johns and are looking for a bankruptcy attorney serving St. Johns?  It is a very troubling time for most people in St. Johns or any area in Michigan when their debt gets to a high level.  If you are in a situation where you owe more money than you are making on a monthly basis and your saving account is dwindling, you may need help from a proven debt relief source like the St. Johns bankruptcy attorneys at The Debt Relief Legal Clinic.   Our St. Johns bankruptcy attorneys have the roadmap to your financial success and the freedom from debt.  Our attorneys serving the St. Johns MI area; Kristen L. Krol and Gregory W. Smith have over a combined 50 years of experience and have successfully worked with hundreds of clients. 

Are you borrowing more to pay existing debts?  Are you ready to throw your hands in the air and give up?  Whether it’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, our attorneys will help you find the roadmap to get out of debt and start fresh.  At The Debt Relief Legal Clinic, all we do is debt relief law and bankruptcy.  Our St. Johns attorney’s focus on debt relief allows us to streamline our processes to provide you with the most effective debt relief legal representation available in St. Johns.   

Do you have questions regarding bankruptcy?  You can contact us here or you can find the answers below to frequently asked questions about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Chapter 13?

Who Is Eligible?
What Are The Benefits?
What Are The Drawbacks?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Chapter 7?

What Are The Disadvantages?
How Will a Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Rating?
What About Future Credit?
Does A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Actions and Collections Such As Garnishments?
Exemptions - How Much Property Can I Keep?
Turnover - Will I Lose Any Property?
Are There Exceptions To Discharge?
Are Co-Debtors or Co-Signers Discharged From Their Debts If I File Bankruptcy?
Can I Repay Some Of My Creditors?
Is Property I Obtain After Discharge Affected?
Will I Have To Go To Court?
How Long Will The Bankruptcy Take?
What is the "Means" Test?
What About Credit Counseling and Debtor Education?


Our Bankruptcy Lawyers provide debt relief and bankruptcy services in St. Johns MI as well as the entire state of Michigan.  You can contact us by phone or fill out a form by email here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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